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DesktopWeb FormText   certsTue, 19 Jul 2005 05:27:43 GMT # 

just voicing my opinions on certs because a couple things have happened recently

1) the 9 (or 10) year old getting MCP. that is impressive. does it belittle the exams ... yes. of course i knew of a 14 year old getting java certified years ago. i'm assuming that was harder than an MCP exam? so what was i doing at 10 ... no clue? could i have passed an MCP exam ... maybe and no. maybe with a transcender, no without.

2) certification changes for .NET 2.0. i'm pretty upset that the name for an MCSD upgrade will change to having the word 'enterprise' in it. when people start talking about anything 'enterprise' related, it triggers a kill switch in my brain to automatically shut down to protect itself. nor am i motivated to upgrade. i used to mock people with certifications, thinking it was a waste of time. why prove that you know something when you could be teaching yourself something new? but i dont like mocking something if i dont know anything about it ... so i went ahead and got certified ... to try it out. full on MCSD .NET, thinking it might improve contract searches. but it hasn't. recruiters used to bring up my lack of certification as a negative ... now they just dont mention certifications at all. serious, its like they only used it as ammo against me ... now that i have that checkbox checked, they won't touch it. on the same note, they dont acknowledge MVP status or MS degree either. but to be a hypocrite ... i will upgrade. and the primary reason is that there are only something like 15K MCSDs. that was a lower number than i expected, so i will get it to differentiate. but if there wasn't an upgrade path, and i had to start over from scratch ... i probably would not get certified again