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DesktopWeb FormText   fake physicsSat, 06 Aug 2005 00:46:42 GMT # 

i'm definitely faking the physics now! at least i haven't been working on my side project as long as optionsScalpers been working on GAI.NET ...

wasted last night playing with 3D modellers. could get around gmax, but am not using it because it doesnt support .x files natively. couldn't figure out how to control blender or milkshape well at all. trueSpace was pretty intuitive and i was able to make some super simple models, although the materials aren't fully working right. actually, they might be, because i really dont know what the hell i'm doing. dont want to waste anymore time on a 3D modelling app, so trueSpace it is.

now i've got the meshes loaded into my D3D app, and am just starting to wire up the controls to properly fake physics :) hopefully, i'll have something to show before the weekends out. wanted to enter it in the PDC shareware contest, but one of the components i'm using is not license friendly :(