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DesktopWeb FormText   MDX installation continuedWed, 10 Aug 2005 05:26:39 GMT # 

Travis did an excellent job presenting C++ 2005 tonight. he even worked in some Managed DirectX ... how cool is that?

speaking of MDX, i was in the back hacking away at my stuff. was completing the game board, which revealed that my collision detection isnt quite perfect. tweaked it and made it a little better, but it could still use some work. also added the end game elements. this became really frustrating because my models would get corrupted as they got more complex. i.e. somehow the vertices would get all screwed up and the preview in TrueSpace would go bad. but if you had it render the scene then everything looked right ... so maybe it was still ok? except if you exported it and then looked at the mesh, then it really was mucked up like the preview. tried a couple different ways to get around it ... which wasted another couple hours. as Chad said, we've been spending most of our DX time trying to get along with the tools. personally, the tools are kicking my ass ... but i did managed to get one level finished

then it was a matter of getting it over to my Tablet to test. ZMan explained that the /InstallManagedDX argument went away. now the DXSetup.exe from the redistributable just automatically installs Managed DirectX if you have .NET 1.1 already installed. this still does not explain why DXSetup.exe was not updating my DX installation at all ... because i have both .NET 1.1 and 2.0 installed? so i did redownload the Aug. SDK last night and was able to install that on my test machine. that finally pumped my DX version up to the latest. but my app still would not run. the complaint was regarding Microsoft.Direct.Direct3DX. when looking at my VS.NET project, i saw that i had referenced 1.0.2906, although the latest on my machine is 1.0.2907. switched to the latest reference and my program ran!

now i'm over the integration and deployment humps. the game sort of ran the way i want it to. the user input needs some major tweaking and another collision detection bug presented itself. plus i've got a ton of small things to do for polish. regardless, its showing signs of life ... so i'm flying ...