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DesktopWeb FormText   more usabilityFri, 12 Aug 2005 04:35:51 GMT # 

spent all tonight working on the game. optionsScalper tried it out at work today, and showed me that it was unusable. somehow he was able to reproduce a bug almost at will that i was rarely getting. i 'think' its fixed now, but hope to see if he can muck it up tomorrow. also cranked up the friction and turned down the control sensitivity to make it easier. with these settings i can beat the easy level easily and even managed to beat the hard level ... although there were some moments my breathing stopped. so its still pretty tough and you can really crank up the difficulty if wanted.

one thing that is really hard is trying to control it with a pen on a tablet. even though i'm using DirectInput, the tablet output is much more sensitive than the trackball mouse on my notebook. i.e. i'm scaling down the trackball input by 10, and i have to scale down the tablet input by about 150 or more. seems like DirectInput should just handle this for me? if i get the time, need to see if the guys at ArcsOfFire have noticed this and come up with a solution? also tied up some loose ends of functionality, such as end game scenarios. finally, spent some time pretty-ifying it, so it actually looks decent. now i've got a little time for some more testing