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DesktopWeb FormText   porting /cameraFlow to PocketPCWed, 17 Aug 2005 03:33:28 GMT # 

WindowsMobile5 (WM5) has a scaled down version of Managed DirectX (MDX) called Managed Direct3D Mobile (MD3DM). to become more aware of the differences between the 2 i started to port /cameraFlow down to the PocketPC. here are some of the problems i'm running into : i'm not able to add .wav files as Resources because there is no UnmanagedMemoryStream. to get around this i'm giving them a bogus extension to have them treated as generic files which return byte[]. i can add .jpg files to the Resources but TextureLoader does not have a method to do FromBitmap(), so i have to convert it to a stream before i can load it (unnecessary). we have the Geometry class but dont have DegreeToRadian() ... come on, why would you cut the little helper methods? there is no IntersectInformation class and no Mesh.Intersect() method. this really sucks, because this is how i do collision detection in my game. i'll have to re-implement it in an entirely different manner. and it would be easier to re-implement if we had a Plane class. Line might come in handy too. i also need to rewrite my UtilSound class because there is no DirectSound and my UtilInput class because there is no DirectInput. both of these will be easy to replace. finally i would rip out the web cam control stuff and the Shareware Starter Kit. which makes me think that the SSK should be implemented to run on CF as well. everything else is porting over pretty easily. the main pain point will be re-implementing collision detection. after that, the tricky part would be writing an optical flow library to work efficiently on a PPC