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DesktopWeb FormText   /cameraFlow MD3DM port continuedThu, 18 Aug 2005 13:40:54 GMT # 

got a couple more hours in. resources are still giving me a problem. when i use namespace.Properties.Resources.resourceName.md3dm to return a byte[] of the file, the array returned is the correct file size, but its all 0's. might just forget that syntactic shortcut and go back to the 2003 way of embedding resources. just hope they fix this by release. for the missing Mesh.Intersection() functionality, i've discovered Sharp3D.Math, which looks like a great complement to MD3DM. its not explicitly made for CF, but haven't had any problem picking bits and pieces (e.g. the Plane3 class) and moving it over to CF. the plan is to iter through the vertex buffer of a mesh to create a collection of Planes. then i can do Ray-Plane intersection in a similar manner that Mesh.Intersection() does on the desktop. the only question is if this will be fast enough on a PPC? if not, there is a backup plan