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DesktopWeb FormText   the war against natureSat, 03 Sep 2005 20:37:17 GMT # 

... its only a matter of time. to be a heartless bastard, i really dont think we should rebuild. its freakin below sea level ... have some common sense. save the people, swallow our pride, get over it, and move on. we knew this could happen, we didnt properly prepare for it, and we got burned. hell, i just saw a national geographic show where they outlined (hypothetically) the natural disaster exactly as it happened. the show was at least 6 months old (probably older). i also have trouble feeling remorse for the people that were capable of evacuating and did not. for the people that were not capable and were legitimately trapped, we should have gotten them out. its just another instance of us being reactive instead of preventative (think health care, oil, etc...). the one thing thats bothering me is how quickly culture has crumbled. when i've seen 3rd world countries getting decimated by unwarned natural disasters ... i don't see any negative media coverage like we're getting a full dose of. e.g. xtians blaming it on some gay parade, bush and global warming, looting (including cops), firing at rescue workers, accusing the government of reacting slow, kanye west. the worst i've seen elsewhere is crowds of people rushing to get food rations. i'm assuming stuff like this happens when other cultures have disasters and we just dont see the coverage ... or is this purely american behavior? now for my sickness. every time a disaster happens, there is a little bit of me that is not upset, because i know it'll end up being a 'seconds from disaster' show on national geographic ... and i love those ... sorry