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DesktopWeb FormText   wheres the brawn?Fri, 09 Sep 2005 17:57:41 GMT # 

haven't posted anything 'brawn' related for a long while. ashamedly, i must admit that i mostly did not workout from july 2004 to june 2005. thats the longest i've gone without lifting over a 15 year period. purposefully took off the 2nd half of 2004 to heal, because i was having recurring minor injuries from working out. for the 1st half of 2005 i bought a home gym and tried to use that. i'd always gone to real gyms previously, but did not like either of the gyms that are remotely close to our home. well ... the home gym did not work for me. but i didn't realize it until Terski posted a picture of me presenting at the WI .NET user group on 6/15. that was the smack in the face i needed, because i had no clue that i'd become such a puss. so i went the next day and signed up at one of the local gyms.