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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 3 month markFri, 09 Sep 2005 18:05:03 GMT # 

that wraps up my first cut (3 months) at getting back into shape (after taking a year off). now i'll be taking the next week off to rest, because i'm starting to show signs of overtraining (dragging ass in the gym, injuries). not to mention the PDC trip isnt going to allow me any chance to train. its also time for me to cycle off of performance enhancing supplements (creatine, ZMA). overall, i'm surprised how quickly my strength, mass, and flexibility came back. bench max went from about 250 to at least 365. squat max went from about 300 to at least 455. can do the splits again. added muscle faster than i was losing fat, so my bodyweight went from 235 to 250. most people thing that is a bad thing, but i think my body actually looks better at 250 then it did at 235. but i'm still not happy where i'm at. i really just started to add cardio to my workouts, and more fat is starting to come off, but i'm thinking about trying to keep my weight up around 250. not as big and strong or lean as ever ... but this gets me to having a good base to work with.