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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : gym conversationsFri, 09 Sep 2005 18:08:57 GMT # 

when i'm at the gym, i'm there to lift heavy weights ... and not to talk. but the following are some of the short conversations that i've had :)

(finishing set on dumbbells)
girl : you just lifted more than my body weight with one arm.
me : ya, but its only half of what i weigh ... and the dumbbells dont go any higher.
girl : how will you get stronger?
me : more reps and better form.
girl : oh yeah.

(bicep day)
boy : how big are your arms?
me : i dont measure.
boy : i would.

(bench press day)
boy1 : how much weight is that?
boy2: i'm still doing the math in my head.
me : its 335.
boy2: (pause) yep.
boy1 : thats alot.

(finishing set on dips)
boy : how many did you just do?
me : 30.
boy : are you going to enter the competition?
me : isn't that for kids?
boy : mostly, but we have some old people enter.
me : no, i'm not going to enter.
boy : good.

(asking for a spot on bench)
me : could i get a spot?
boy : i cant lift that much.
me : i'll lift most of it, you might only have to help with 10 or 15 pounds.
boy : oh yeah, sure.

(heavy leg press day)
me : could i get a spot?
man : i'd need a spot too if i was lifting a volkswagon.