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DesktopWeb FormText   off to PDCSat, 10 Sep 2005 03:44:45 GMT # 

i'll be in downtown LA tomorrow evening (millenium biltmore) ... so if you need a drinking buddy ... shoot me a mail. mostly packed now too. at least i've packed the important stuff ... computer equipment. clothes are secondary. bringing a notebook, tablet and 2 PPCs ... just the essentials. also picked up an external laptop battery yesterday. had to go to 3 different stores in the Milwaukee area to finally find one. would kill for a MicroCenter or a Frys Electronics.

going to the Yukon precons because i cant force myself to play with DBs on my own (boring). but if somebody else is talking then i'll listen. picked my sessions too. i'm pumped to see the sessions on Tablet, MCE, Speech, and RFID. those presenters should be wary. also going to a pretty even mix of Avalon, Indigo, and WinFS sessions (isn't that what the last PDC was?). picked those sessions because the current betas make them accessible. avoiding the Whidbey sessions and also avoiding the sessions for really far out techs (e.g. Orcas) because i dont want to get all excited and then have to wait a couple years. not sure if i'll be attending sessions or panels on friday? do plan on making a bunch of BOF talks ... even though i cant find a finalized list of what was accepted. but the problem is there are some parties planned during opportunities to learn. FOUL! it should be a rule to not plan an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to drink at the same time. thats a decision i dont really want to make. also, why is the conference in a cool place, when we dont really get any time to explore the city? if we really only have time to go to sessions and sleep at the hotel ... have it at some lame city