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DesktopWeb FormText   big pimpin hotel roomMon, 12 Sep 2005 13:50:44 GMT # 

Michael Lehman and the Channel9 crew totally hooked up the contest winners with bad ass hotel rooms. this is how it went down ... i get to the hotel and the check-in person can tell that i'm a totally low class individual by my clothes and treats me accordingly. then when he sees my reservation he starts treating me really nice ... and i start to get suspicious. next, he goes out of his way to get somebody to carry my bags, but i have to refuse because i'm brains-N-brawn and have to use my heavy lifting abilities whenever i get the chance. then i get to the door of my room and its got one of those plaques on it that names the room. yep, my room has a name : 'the music suite'. at this point i had to double check the piece of paper that they wrote the room number on. check. tried the key ... and it worked! walk into my room ... and across the foyer (yes, i said foyer), beyond the conference table (yes, i said conference table), in the living room (yes, i said living room) ... there is a piano (yes, i said piano)! drop my bags and run to the piano and start hitting keys ... its real! then i had to whip out my phone and start calling people to tell them how crazy this room was. finally, i took some pics