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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : week of PDCSun, 18 Sep 2005 19:31:41 GMT # 

the night before the trip to PDC, i got one last arm workout in and managed 70 lb dumbbell curls. form was good but not great. in LA, my hotel had a pretty crappy weight room and the hours sucked. so i had to sweet talk my way into the LA Athletic Club the first afternoon. did a quick full body workout to knock off the jet lag. only went up to 365 on squat because my legs were complaining about sitting on a plane for 4 hours. on bench, i put up a set of 315 for 7 reps without a spotter. this puts my chest about as strong as its ever been. that was my last workout for the week. the rest of the trip was just me walking from my hotel to the convention center a mile away. snuck a little ab work in when i could too. BTW i dont recommend walking around downtown LA (unless you're a big ugly guy) because its pretty much a craphole at night with low lifes (like me) walking around. during the conference MS did a great job of providing healthy lunches and snacks. there was always plenty of water and fruit to be found between sessions. 'Ask the Experts' night was the only time i was hurting to find something that wasnt greasy or fried. granted i did cheat a couple nights with desert ... after i was drunk (of course). the last night i was there i stayed at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. it was an ok hotel and ok gym. got some lifting in the afternoon after the conference ended and some cardio before my flight the next morning. they didnt have tons of equipment and it was somewhat aged and showing rust. at least they had cartoon network so i could watch some 'grimm adventures', 'fosters', and 'puffy amiyumi'. next time i would probably stay at a diff hotel close to a newer health club. when i got home, made sure to get some cardio in and lift the next day to knock off the jet lag as well.