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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : quad travelSun, 02 Oct 2005 20:07:17 GMT # 

got to talk to a trainer about my quadriceps feeling horrible after travel. told him how i did tons of walking (overuse) at the PDC trip and assumed that was the problem, but i basically did no walking (atrophy) for the Summit trip and still have the same problem. his immediate response was that its probably due to being cooped up and my muscles tightening up. this seems reasonable since my sets on squat today felt a little better in the later sets, even though i was adding more weight. his recommendation was to stretch before and after each flight in the airport terminal. also that i do more warmup sets, than i usally do, after travel. the part that doesnt exactly fit is that i'm really flexible to begin with. when further asking him about why its targeted in my quadriceps, and my other muscle groups are mostly ok, he thought it was either just the nature of sitting or an imbalance of leg strength. since i can max out both the leg curl and leg extension machines, that pretty much rules out an imbalance. also did a little searching for some herbs related to leg health. (re)found one called 'horse chestnut'. i'm named after it ... how cool is that? checking my supplement diary, i've actually taken it before, and gave it a good rating. the problem is i cant remember why i was taking it? i do remember it was about 2 years ago and my legs were basically as strong as a horse at the time (but i wasnt doing any travel) ... so i'll stop by GNC later today and give it another shot.