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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : hand strengthSat, 08 Oct 2005 19:02:36 GMT # 

getting to the point where my grip is failing me and keeping me from lifting heavier weight. the quick solution is to use straps, but if you become dependent on straps and belts, those will eventually hold you back. personally, i wont wear straps or belts unless i'm maxing out. the idea is if i have to rely on extra equipment to make the lift, then i have no business doing that lift. so i choose to develop my hand strength instead. the best place to find hand strength equipment is at mountain climbing stores ... because those guys are insane. and one of the best pieces i've found is by Nike. this hand grip gel is great for working your whole hand and it has a slit for working individual fingers. but the real reason it rocks is because i think its made out of the same material old school breast implants were made out of. serious ... so its like fondling a breast :) talk about motivation ... now they just need to add a nipple to this thing and i'd never be able to put it down. the side benefit being that you can deliver knuckle crushing hand shakes if necessary.

related to hand strength ... workout gloves are for girls. your body makes callouses for a reason ... so you dont have to look stupid wearing gloves. if you dont believe me, do this experiment at your own gym. just notice who is and isn't wearing gloves, and how much weight they lift. its pretty much guaranteed that the strongest people will be glove free.