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DesktopWeb FormText   book : Programming Windows Presentation FrameworkThu, 13 Oct 2005 14:13:57 GMT # 

(Sells, Griffiths 2005) this was a good book that covers the fundamentals of WPF. it covers layout, controls, styles, data binding, graphics, animation, custom controls, and deployment. sadly it does not cover 3D or media ... which i'm most interested in. the book was easy to understand, but i'm definitely going to have to re-read the chapters on data binding, styles, and animation. one thing that i'm really liking about WPF is that i doubt i'll ever create a custom control. rarely created custom controls in WinForms, so the ridiculous flexibility of WPF will probably crank that down to zero.

my current take on WPF is that its going to take some time to get comfortable with it. i can definitely crank out WinForm apps faster (at the moment). while i think i could build a WCF service in approximately the same amout of time it would take me to write the corresponding WSE app. the main problem with WPF is the lack of a designer built into Visual Studio. if i had a designer, then it would be much more approachable. and if you refer me to 3rd party tools, then i'll refer you to my raised middle finger. at a minimum, i think MS should provide a WinForm to XAML converter. then you could use the WinForm designer, run the converter, and it would spit out the corresponding XAML. not great, but it would be better than nothing. going to make some mock apps working directly with the XAML, but i'll need to get a hold of Sparkle as soon as possible if i want to produce something beyond the basics ... and actually be productive (its .NET ... go figure).