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DesktopWeb FormText   MKE blog of the week 'cheating'Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:51:29 GMT # 

er,um ... i meant 'voting'. saw a post last week from BobTheKing about voting for Milwaukee's Blog of the Week. for kicks, i went ahead and submitted my blog as a Milwaukee blog; not realizing that it would be in the contest. well ... now my blog happens to be in the contest for this weeks blog of the week. BTW, i did vote for BobTheKing, and he did win. quite certain my vote was the deciding factor :)

since i generate testosterone i was forced to check out the competition. just so happens that they all have posts about it ... crap, i'm already behind. so i decided to see how hard it would be to do what any politician would do ... cheat. fired up Fiddler and then manually submitted a vote. no i did not vote for myself ... thats weak. absolutely hate when presidential candidates vote for themselves. they should just not vote at all. except i'm certain there are people stupid enough to think 'well he didnt vote for himself, so why should i vote for him'? but to see what was happening behind the scenes, i had to vote for somebody. so i did every guy should do ... vote for the chick. no, i don't know if she's hot. but her blog is sort of pink and has bouncing kitties ... so there is potential. anyway, back to cheating. the POST request looked like the following

the crucial name value pairs are 'vote' and 'Email'. i'm assuming my vote # would be 3 and then i would just have to harvest (or generate) valid email addresses with a (spider) bot. i dont actually have to have access to the quote valid unquote email addresses, because i have yet to receive an email to verify the vote. if that was the case then i'd just have to write the bot to autogen email accounts on some free mail service (possibly using /aiCaptcha). so it would take less than 30 minutes to write a bot to guarantee victory ... too easy ... so i wont be cheating.