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DesktopWeb FormText   MCE Update Rollup 2 (for developers)Fri, 14 Oct 2005 16:49:15 GMT # 

MCE Update 2 (aka Emerald) is now here. Charlie Owen has a pretty comprehensive post about it. as a consumer, even though i'm not a gamer, i'm excited about the XBox360 support. the rest of the enhancements are pretty much lost on me since i still dont have a proper MCE setup. but i have been holding my breath to see what is new for developers ...

there is a new SDK, and MSDN has a page of Important Changes. i like what they have done with security, particularly for avoiding phishing attacks when browsing. we get just a little bit more functionality including being able to control a disc changer. we also finally get .NET 1.1 support so we can develop add-ins with VS.NET 2003. of course i'm going to be bitching about this in 3 weeks when VS.NET 2005 comes out. my guess is that Vista is their answer

but what i want to know is how does MCE get its interface over to the XBox? is it just remoted over there, or does the XBox have some version of the shell and it just gets op codes sent over the wire? if the latter is the case, does that mean that the XBox MCE Shell is written in managed code and that the XBox360 can run .NET? these are burning questions that i must know the answers to! also trying to find out if i can install MCE with a 64 bit version of XP, because i'm hurting for an upgrade, and hoping the new Emerald hardware will push me over the edge.