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DesktopWeb FormText   after a day with WPFSun, 16 Oct 2005 16:08:06 GMT # 

spent most of yesterday messing with WPF. the first hour was a total beating and i was just getting my butt kicked. but i headed off to workout and when i came back was in a better state of mind. one thing i realized while working out was that i had totally skipped looking at the base class libraries for WinFX. so i took some time to look at those docs and run some of the samples. then i started picking my way through the WPF samples. there are alot of samples with WinFX, and i like that alot, but the bad thing is about 1/3 of them would not run. going through the samples turned up a couple gems. so i started over with my application. was able to make it go full screen by setting the WindowStyle and WindowState. one thing i want to do is be able to do a live preview of an external application. tried to use HwndHost to accomplish this, but was unsucessful. instead, i just take a screenshot and coerced the System.Drawing.Bitmap into a System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapInfo. was able to incorporate that into my app with animations and such. even though i've only got my splash screen working ... i must say that WPF is pretty slick. the couple animations i've done would be ridiculously hard to do in WinForms. and the development model isn't too unfamiliar. i'm now under the assumption that if i were to use the Mobiforms designer, that developing a standard windows apps in Avalon would take me just slightly longer than using WinForms. that is good, except i'm not developing a standard app. trying to develop one of those full on chrome apps that pegs the CPU. so what i'm thinking about now is how to do the layout so that it supports the animations that i want but can also scale accordingly. if i can figure this out, 'i think' the rest should be pretty easy