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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : supplementsSun, 16 Oct 2005 19:03:22 GMT # 

this week was ok. the best day was heavy leg day. managed a set on squat for 405 lbs of 5 reps and then followed up with a set of 365 for 10 reps. also took my blood pressure : 121 over 49. that imbalance is due to the strength of my heart from years of heavy lifting. resting pulse is 48. thats in the high range for me. if i were to start doing regular cardio, then that number should drop.

actually had a couple questions about what supplements i'm taking ... so here goes. even though i need to lose some belly fat; since winter is just now starting, i'm going to hide the fat under loose fitting clothing and try to keep adding lean muscle mass. that muscle mass will ultimately help me shed the fat when i concentrate on that. anyway ... my choice of supplements reflect this. if i was trying to lose weight, then my choice of supplements would be different. also note, everybody reacts to supplements differently. some products that work for me will not work for you, and vice versa. alot depends on the diet that you already have.

morning : start the day with multivitamins (extra B, C, E), calcium, joint care, and some random herbs. also take an egg protein drink with about 25 grams of protein. usually add some glutamine to the protein drink. not sure i'm getting enough calories in the morning, so i might start taking a drink with higher protein content in the future.

before workout : take NO-Explode which is a mix of creatine and arginine. plus i add a little more pure creatine. i'm not sure how this is working out for me yet. used to take GNCs creatine clear, which was an effervescent. i think the fizzing of the drink had some pavlovian effect that would really get me excited to workout. GNC seems to be phasing out that product, so this is my 1st experiment for a replacement. also used to take andro poppers. these things were awesome (and cheap). you basically crunch them up and leave the particles under your tongue to get absorbed by the blood stream. i think the act of taking a pill in that manner, which seems entirely illegal, really made me want to go and lift heavy weights. but that product has been pulled from the shelves of GNC ... and i'm not sure why. probably wasn't good for me ... but i would swear by it ... and it didn't shrink my chesnuts :). i've tried T-Bomb as well. that stuff was pretty expensive and didnt seem to do anything for me. now they've got T-Bomb 2, but i'm not anxious to give it a try. anyway, alot of people swear by NO-Explode, but NO products dont seem to work for me in general. took NO2, which is freakin expensive, for about 3 months a couple years ago. i didn't feel the continuous pump; instead i felt on edge all the time. and when i got off the stuff, it was a real downer. all in all, not a good experience for my body or my wallet. in the future, i'll probably try some other pre workout creatine mix, and i need to track down what happened to andro poppers.

post workout : immediately after the workout i take CellMass which is another creatine mix. also add some pure protein to this as well. i'm not sure this is really doing that much for me either? if i was tight for money, then i would just take pure creatine before and after the workout. about 30 minutes after that, then i take a 25 gram whey protein drink.

before bed : take a 25 gram casein protein drink. sometimes i add glutamine too. the casein protein is slow digesting. if i dont take it, then i'll wake up in the middle of the night dying to eat something. also take ZMA. ZMA is some innocent combinations of minerals that is a testosterone booster. i've taken it before and when i wake up i'm feeling stronger and leaner. it also might help you sleep better. serious ... this stuff rocks. i don't notice the effects as much since i've been taking it with the protein drink, but since i've had such good results in the past ... i'm going to keep cycling it.

so thats what i'm taking ... pretty standard stuff. the protein is what i'm really experimenting with right now. this is the first time i've ever taken this much protein, and i'm probably still not getting enough for 245 lbs. going to see how my body reacts and adjust my protein intake accordingly. this could mean that i might end up taking even more. definitely going to keep taking creatine before and after the workout too, although i'll probably experiement with some of the other mixes that are out there. i'll probably try to find some pre-workout andro-like pill for next month too. finally, i'll keep cycling ZMA at night. one thing i definitely need to change is when i consume my calories, because 2 protein drinks at night is filling. need to start getting more of my calories earlier in the day and further reduce what i eat for dinner.