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DesktopWeb FormText   48 hours with WPFMon, 17 Oct 2005 16:24:53 GMT # 

got the 3D animation working late last night. it ended up being easier to do the animation in code instead of XAML. one thing that bugs me is how i apply the texture images to the mesh. doing that in code because i cant figure out how to bind an embedded resource as a BitmapImage to an ImageBrush in XAML? this is especially annoying because of the strong typing of resources with VS 2005. my assumption was that the binding syntax would be something to the effect of {StaticResource myNamespace.Properties.Resources.myTexture}. so now i've got the application splash screen and the main menu displaying and animating. unexpected behavior from the animation is that if you trigger it multiple times in succession, then it just adjusts the animation midstride. wasn't expecting this to happen ... but i really really like it. its not that often that code does something better than i intended it to do :) the next step will be to do hit testing on the main menu and then transition to a page with some actual functionality. i 'think' that hit testing is one of the harder problems left in the app. another thing thats come out of this dev experience is that its pushing me to upgrade my 2 year old notebook. to speed up the dev process, get a much better graphics card, and my current notebook is periodically locking up. 3 forced power downs in the same # of days ... ouch