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DesktopWeb FormText   HitTest and LayoutTue, 18 Oct 2005 13:28:01 GMT # 

got HitTesting on my Viewport3D to partially work. it can now tell when a part of the 3D model was hit, but i can't figure out which of the meshes is being hit. all the samples i've seen return a Ray3DHitTestResult, but mine is returning a PointHitTestResult? might expect this if i was using an Ortohgraphic camera, but i'm using Projection. need to get that fixed. one other bug i did manage to fix was related to HitTest and caused by Layout problems. the Layout problem was that i had to set a Width and Height on my Viewport3D else it would not render. stepping into the debugger showed that the Viewport3D was getting a Height set, but the Width was 0. this was fixed by setting the DockPanel ListChildFill="True". that change fixed a HitTest problem that was not registering when some of the meshes were getting picked. it also allows the application to scale properly. finally, i started to look at different ways of navigating to other views. right now it looks like i'll be following the model that The North Face demo uses so that the app can fly-in offscreen elements. the side effect of reviewing layout is that it looks like it might be easier to do some animation features that i had already decided to cut. so now i need to get HitTest to work a little better and then rework the Layout to better support navigation.