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DesktopWeb FormText   Layout and NavigationThu, 20 Oct 2005 05:00:17 GMT # 

the change i made tonight was to remove the main menu UI code i had in the Window class to a separate MainMenu class. also created separate XAML files for the sub menu items. now the Window class is just used for custom paging. basically following The North Face demos model such that the Window contains all the Panels for the application. then you just Collapse or make Visible an individual Panel based on the applications state. the application that i'm trying to replicate does this a little slicker, and i 'think' i 'see' how to write that code (which would be more complicated) ... but i'm taking this shortcut because i want to get on to the actual functionality of the application. i'm certain i could kick around the main menu for another week before it was 'perfect' ... but i'm anxious to get to different scenarios in the app to see what learning experiences they have waiting for me. and that last bit exemplifies why i'm not a designer.