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DesktopWeb FormText   the beta'ness of WPFFri, 21 Oct 2005 04:35:30 GMT # 

generally, most everything is working, but there are rough edges. in fact, i might have found my first bug today. it involves some combination of Viewport3D elements that will lock up mouse handling. to get around this i could try dynamically adding and removing the Viewport3D elements from the visual tree. or i could take the easy way out and just use an Image control, because the effect i was going for was the picture frame like Max. a 2D image isnt as sexy, but it works and its easy. it also has requires the Visual Studio dance. the VS dance is closing and reopening the project or closing and reopening VS to get some feature that stopped working to start working again. this is effective when intellisense goes away. other times i haven't been able to build because it complains about missing windows.baml or other nonsense. i remember stuff like that really throwing me for a loop when i was a junior programmer. now i'm all big headed and have more confidence when something should work and am quicker to restart VS and move on. the other beta tip off is the lack of a designer. VS provides pretty good intellisense but doesn't provide a real time view. XamlPad provides a real time view but lacks intellisense. thats called lose lose. and i've gotten XamlPad in a bad state before such that it crashes every time i try to reopen it. this is fixed by deleting its saved state file ... annoying. the final sign is the docs and samples. there is a large # of samples, but there are a number of them that wont run. and there is a decent amount of general documentation as an overview, but the docs for the API reference are mostly nonexistent.

didn't get much accomplished tonight. just played around trying to get my 2nd viewport to work, before giving up and taking the easy way out. right now i need to figure out how to make a good looking scrollable list box. so the topics for the next couple days will probably be about data and styles. need to spend a little time on this because this element is used a couple more places in the application