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DesktopWeb FormText   WPF : input and stylesSat, 22 Oct 2005 21:49:06 GMT # 

navigation is mostly figured out, as well as the photo display functionality. should be able to complete it tonight and hopefully crank out one of the other functional areas tomorrow. still cant get the 2nd Viewport3D to work. tried a couple different techniques, and as soon as i add it, all mouse functionality stops. pretty much have given up on that and started adding keyboard controls. initial cut isn't working; can't get any key presses to register at all. going to have to create a throwaway project to experiment with and then move that code over. one thing i did do is go through my code and move over all event handler hookups from the XAML. makes sense to put that into the code so that a designer cant whack it. also i love just being able to Tab my way to creating the event handler in code ... happy happy joy joy. that has the additional benefit of creating the correct EventArgs type too. have been leaving some event logic in the XAML but only when it pertains to something sylistic. also regarding styles, everything i've seen so far is visual. i'm hoping there are also style controls for audio. e.g. if i wanted to wire up some sound effect to happen when hovering over a control ... that should just be a style. hell, they could hook that up to the System.Speech namespace and have it do speech synthesis. anybody know if WPF already has audio styles?