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DesktopWeb FormText   WPF interopMon, 24 Oct 2005 17:47:09 GMT # 

finished the photo functionality last night. the problem i was having with keyboard entry was really stupid ... just forgot to set focus on the control. spent this afternoon trying to get DVD functionality. there is a MediaElement for playing video ... but its limited. my current understanding is that it can only play WMV, MPEG, and AVI files ... lame. for DVD playback i wanted to embed MediaPlayer. first off, i found out that WPF does not directly support ActiveX controls. but it does support hosting WinForm controls. so you have to create a WinForms control that hosts the ActiveX control that you want. take that as a not so subtle hint to stop building ActiveX controls. next, i created my WinForms control and embedded MediaPlayer. also created a WinForms app to test it out and everything looked like it was working. embedded the WinForms control in WPF and it partially worked. the DVD started playing, i could hear audio and see the controls menu at the bottom ... but the video was not rendering. didn't know what was going on, so i was going to punt, and created a small app to post to the newsgroup. but that app worked ... the DVD video was rendering. crap! thats the worst possible debug situation. this meant there was something between my complex app and this simple app that was breaking it. started adding piece by piece from the complex app to the simple app. every time something was added then it had to be run to see if it had broken yet. cant tell you how pissed off i get during this process. added almost the entire app until i found it. the problem is an ImageBrush. the app uses an ImageBrush to paint the panels of a Viewport3D menu. if i swap out that ImageBrush for a SolidBrush ... then the video will render. if i put the ImageBrush back in ... then it breaks. that wasted about 4 hours ... and i don't currently have any ideas for a workaround. really need to get the ImageBrush back in there and get the video to render

for the other side of the interop story, Adam Nathan posted this today! : Using COM Interop to Create a WPF Visualization for Windows Media Player

p.s. web server is having problems ...