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DesktopWeb FormText   WPF : off-screen fly-insWed, 26 Oct 2005 17:50:53 GMT # 

got a little bit done after the nerd dinner last night. basically shelved the DVD functionality ... hoping that MS can get back to me with some workarounds for 2 issues i'm having with MediaPlayer rendering (while hosted in WPF). moved on to the Videos page. the first thing i worked on was getting off screen elements to fly in. Ifeanyi Echeruo (of MS) tipped me off about how to do this in the newsgroup. it works by having the main panel be a Canvas. a Canvas is important because you can position items absolutely, including off screen. the problem with the Canvas is that it does not auto resize itself or its child elements. the first workaround is to override the Canvas MeasureOverride method to make it expand as large as its parent will allow. then i created child panels for the fly in elements. these were positioned offscreen by setting their Canvas.Left property to the width of the Canvas (positioning them off screen right). also, i had to make sure the Panels had their width and height set to the width and height of the Canvas to make those panels take up the entire Canvas space. this gives you the power of being able to explicitly position items while still supporting some level of scaling. then you just have to animate the Canvas.Left property of the child panel to 0, which creates the effect of the child panel flying right to left to fill up the entire display. finally, you can have multiple animations, so that one panel animates off the screen to the left, while another one animates on screen from the right. works great ... and is definitely not something i would even attempt with WinForms