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DesktopWeb FormText   2 weeks with WPFSat, 29 Oct 2005 16:50:31 GMT # 

i've been working with WPF for the last 2 weeks (spare time). first off, i must say that i really like it. i love the separation between code and XAML. i like rendering images and video just about wherever i want. working in 3D aspects without having to write a full on Direct3D app. animating items and creating layouts that would be near impossible to create in WinForms. but there has been some pain including video driver problems and interop bugs. have also seen some user input wackiness. all in all, i'm starting to feel comfortable developing in the environment ... even without a designer tool. productivity is certainly not as high as it could be, but i think its at a high enough level that it is usable. can't wait for the next drop to come out!