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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : another weekSun, 30 Oct 2005 19:46:57 GMT # 

this week was nothing special. still nursing my elbow and quadricep. mostly avoiding leg extensions, but the leg curl machine is totally maxed out. having to use it with a single leg at a time to get anything out of it. the dumbbells are maxed out at 120 lbs too for bench and back. for back, i did get creative and started stacking another hex dumbbell parallel with the handle, so it rests against the dumbbell i'm gripping and my forearm. was able to stack a 50 lb dumbbell on a 100 lb dumbbell to get a little more work in. back is still feeling good and sore from that. bodyweight still hanging at 245 too. might be getting a little bigger and stronger, but results have definitely slowed