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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : good and badSat, 05 Nov 2005 19:42:54 GMT # 

bad first. was doing my already weak leg workouts to favor the left quad injury. had a decent workout finished and decided to do just one more set on single leg curl ... and my left hamstring gave out. it felt somewhere between a cramp and a muscle tear. since i've only had one muscle cramp in my life ... its a muscle tear. was able to do really light dual leg curl today, so thats a good sign. but i tweak it every once in a while when bracing myself for a lift, and it was definitely getting agitated just by riding the bike. going to go look for some thigh braces in just a minute before my whole left leg falls off. oh yeah, and my left quad still isn't healed ... not sure what's taking it so long? not even sure how i hurt it in the first place? bodyweight is now closer to 240. this sucks because i'm actually trying to gain weight. i'm hoping its not leg mass that is being lost. anyway, i haven't figured out how to adjust the workouts to accomodate this new injury

good news is that my elbow is starting to feel better. it hasn't been bothering me much on chest or back days. able to crank out 30 dips easy and up to doing 10 pullups. also did 90 lb dumbbell shoulder press for 5 reps. put up 100 lb for 3 or 4 reps, but i needed a spotter to help get the 1st rep going ... so it doesn't count. will have to work on that. traps are finallly starting to fill out a little bit too.