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DesktopWeb FormText   male stewardessesSat, 12 Nov 2005 16:19:47 GMT # 

remember when stewardesses used to be young, skinny and female ... me neither. i think age discrimination went first. then they threw out the weight limit. used to be able to sit in the aisle, but i cant do that anymore because i'll end up getting bumped by some wide load. used to be just by some random passengers, but it gets real annoying when the same attendant gets you multiple times. but my last flight was an all male flight crew! there had better have been a suspected terrorist on board to call for that. one of them actually did have an FBI looking ear piece? was actually working for Sabre when 9/11 went down, and a rumor was that stewardesses quit in mass afterwards. now i believe it. 'fly the friendly skies' ... and by 'friendly', we mean 'questionably gay'. or how about NWA standing for 'no women allowed'. why cant hooters air be in my area? i bet alot less people fall asleep on those flights

oh yeah, if you've found a stylus on a plane, it could be one of mine. lose more styli that way. at least i can say that windows mobile 5 works really well with only a keypad. and you can run smartphone games on a ppc, which work great without a stylus