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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : bellevue travelSat, 12 Nov 2005 16:38:35 GMT # 

it is just plain hard to travel and workout. first, you've got to pack workout gear. can't tell you how many times i've packed workout clothes and then forgot to pack workout shoes. and dont forget a lock for the locker room. next, you could stay at a hotel with a gym. the travel sites do a pretty crappy job of explaining the fitness amenities. but hotel gyms suck ... period. when they say 'fitness center' ... they usually mean a handful of cardio equipment. maybe a piece of nautilus equipment or dumbbells that go up to 50 lbs. then you've got to find a real gym. which just means more taxi rides or driving around lost in a rental car. at least WiFi makes it alot easier to find nearby gyms. finally, when you get to the gym, you'll have to go through the freakin tour and new member crap to try out the gym. daily fees are usually $10 to $15 ... which is high. no kidding, more expensive than movie tickets. else they try to get you on some month to month no contract deal ... with a signup fee of course. but they generally do not offer any kind of short term membership for travelers.

found a Bally's close to my hotel. except there was no parking at 7 PM. came back over an hour later and was finally able to park. they wanted $115 sign up fee and then $35 a month. i'm like ... i'm only going to be in town 1 week a month (at most) and would workout 2 or 3 days during that time. they can't do anyting for me. so $10 daily fees would be the only way to go ... but i did get a free pass for that night. they had a real decline bench, which i dont have at my home gym, so i slammed 315 lbs for a couple sets of 8 reps. then i had to wait for a flat bench to come available. did 315 for 2 more sets of 5. not bad. elbow wasn't bothering me, but my left shoulder was still sore from last week. they also had a cable machine that wasn't dual pulleys (home gym lacks this too). so i was able to do some v-bar tricep pushdowns to failure. that felt great and my tris were shredded the next day. went back a day later and got some light leg work in. finally, i took a box of protein bars with me and had a couple each day so i was able to keep my bodyweight up around 245

the one good thing about traveling workouts is that it renews competition. the home gym gets kind of boring because everybody knows the strength order. although that will get shook up a little in the coming months as people start new years resolutions. but going to a new gym is like you're invading uncharted territory. it always pushes my workouts just a little further as i stake out the new land.