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DesktopWeb FormText   retailers pissing me offTue, 15 Nov 2005 23:36:59 GMT # 

1) any retailer that asks for personal info
i hate when you get up to pay and they ask for your phone and/or zipcode. first, i dont want to waste my time telling them either. second, i dont want to waste any extra time in line as the people in line in front of me tell them this info. third, they don't need to know either of these bits of personal info ... don't they see i have untraceable cash in hand. and when i say no to not telling my phone #, dont immediately ask me for my zipcode ... because then they just put me in a negative mood. and they definitely should train their staff to not act pissed (or shocked) when i refuse to give up the info. i'm not the asshole for not wanting to give out my info ... they're the asshole for asking. from now on i'm going to turn it around and immediately ask the checkout people for their personal info.

2) Best Buys warranties on computers
the recordable DVD drive on my notebook is going bad. my assumption was that i could just drop off the bay to BestBuy and they would either return it fixed or ship me a refurbished one. nope ... they want my whole computer for at least 2 weeks. you've got to be kidding. i can't give up my computer for that long. to actually get my computer fixed under their warranty, i would need to buy a new notebook to work on and then get this one fixed after i don't need it anymore. guarantee that the new notebook will not be purchased from Best Buy.