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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : tricep growthThu, 17 Nov 2005 23:53:33 GMT # 

started doing v-bar tricep pushdowns on the lat pull machine because i'd maxed out the cable machine since it has dual pulleys. now my triceps are starting to put on some size. if my biceps would just develop a peak, then i'd have some serious guns. triceps are also helping out on bench too. did a set of 335 lbs for 5 reps followed by a set of 355 for almost 3 reps. with some confidence i think that puts my single rep bench max right at 375 lbs. real close to my personal best. going to lower the weights and increase the reps on upper body for a while because my right elbow is just now starting to feel better but my left shoulder is still bothering me some.

left leg seems to be doing better too. just doing squats with bodyweight has been bothering my quad injury ... but that seems to be getting better. possible hamstring pull is just a little tender, but i think its healing quickly. the only bad thing is that i jacked up my calve while stretching. don't know when i became a puss. didnt feel like a tear or a pull, it was more like 'what the hell was that'? more of an annoying hurt than an injury. hope that everything is completely healed in a couple more weeks so that i can hit the heavy leg work again.

got a new supplement shipment today too ... mostly protein. only been supplementing 75 grams of protein per day, but since my bodyweight has slowly dropped, i'm going to increase to between 100 and 150 grams. going to stay on BSN No-Explode and CellMass; even though i don't feel like they are doing much for me. my next experimental supplements will be the animal stak and pak ... been meaning to try those for a while now. going to stop taking my normal multi vitamins and stay off ZMA too.