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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn :Sun, 20 Nov 2005 20:27:46 GMT # 

had my 1st good bicep workout in a while. couldn't do any standing curls because the downward pull of the weight was bothering my shoulder. preacher curls took that pressure off. also, my arms have gotten more flexible. after taking a year off, i could not get a comfortable grip to do straight bar curls. nor could i get a slight twist in (for peak) when doing dumbbell curls. now my joints have adjusted so those movements feel more natural. going to concentrate on biceps for the short term and try to get a peak to develop.

quadricep is still bothering me. sick of it being injured, so i started doing squats again with light weight. rest didn't work, so now i'm going to try the old work through the pain bit. my hamstring injury only bothers me a bit on leg curls, because that is where i hurt it. my weird calf pain is gone as well. really hope my quad heals so i can get back to heavy squat. still stuck doing more cardio to try and get my body to work through it.

did alot more abs this week as well. basically got the ab machine maxed out again, and just need to build up to more reps. starting to do decent weight with low back hyperextensions as well. getting my mid section strength up will help a ton with squat. but i still have problems with my midsection. first, its the only place i store fat. my weight is just under 250 (which makes me obese according to BMI), but the only fat i'm carrying is at my midsection. i've got fat to lose ... but not that much. second, weighted ab workouts is all that works for me. doing endless numbers of crunches doesn't do anything. i pretty much have to apply weights to get any reaction. third, i build up muscle mass in my abs (aka 'turtle belly'). so the weighted ab work i do builds up my ab region which pushes the fat out even more. what i really need to happen is for my quad to heal so that i can get back to heavy squats. that would add about 5 to 10 pounds of muscle to my lower body which would help me burn more calories. then i could really hit the cardio with that extra mass.

supplement wise i'm holding at 100 grams of protein per day. along with my regular food intake, that is making me feel full most of the time. and my weight seems to be going up slowly. started taking the Animal Pak/Stak too. Animal Pak is just a multi, but i like how it is packaged, and could see myself keep taking it out of convenience. not to mention it will be great for travel. i do like how the Animal Stak mentions that it should be cycled. alot of products (that should be cycled) don't mention it at all ... and you just have to know.