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DesktopWeb FormText   wired XBox 360 controller and XInputFri, 25 Nov 2005 19:15:57 GMT # 

picked up a wired XBox 360 controller. don't actually have a 360, but you can use this controller on a PC too. NOTE you cannot use the wireless 360 controller with a PC. even with the Play and Charge cable, because it only charges, it does not actually transmit any controller data. hopefully the PC will get some dongle to use the wireless controllers in the future. i've seen pictures of people that have purchased the wired controller that came with a CD for the PC drivers. mine did not, but the drivers can be downloaded from this added a Game Controllers icon to the Control Panel to calibrate the joystick and test the buttons. all worked great, but i never could find buttons 9 and 10 ... what are those for? then i looked into how to code for it. the new API is called XInput. it is part of the October CTP for Managed DirectX, the problem is the October CTP works against .NET Beta 2. if you've installed VS2005 RTM, then you'll have to wait for the December CTP of DirectX to program against the controller. until then, there is a Channel9 video of the ZMan using it to control a pan/tilt camera ... perfect for gamer cam girls