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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : sizing upMon, 28 Nov 2005 03:24:06 GMT # 

arms are growing. been having great bicep and tricep workouts. if this keeps up, then my arms will be the first bodypart to go freak. they're relatively big now, but at some point they become huge. where they start to look like they're as big as my legs. my back usually gets big first, but its been held up because of the elbow injury and lack of gym equipment (particularly hammer strength machines). right now, the sheet of muscle on the upper back isnt thick enough, and at some point the lats will spread out really wide. my chest never gets that big. can bench decent weight with it, but i've never thought that my pecs were big before. this really sucks with my last name being 'chesnut'. lower-body wise my thighs and quads can get pretty big too, but they're being held up because of multiple leg injuries. but the biggest genetic weakness is my calves ... they won't grow to save my life. they are so disproportional that they take away from the size of my upper legs. like the guys with huge upper arms and no forearms.

thats my current situation ... top heavy. going to keep blowing up the arms just because i need something positive after the weeks of injury. also going to concentrate on my chest to see if i can grow some decent sized man boobs. instead of doing non stop bench, i'm going to try and do alot more flys than i usually do. going to keep taking it easier on my back in hopes that i don't reinjure the elbow. can always blow it up later. for the lower body, i'm going to keep strugging through the workouts and hope that my quadricep realizes that its just going to have to get better