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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : grunting is stupidThu, 01 Dec 2005 02:54:04 GMT # 

Monday's are usually the busiest day at the gym. my guess is that people feel quilty for what they did over the weekend, so they try to sweat it all out on Monday. this makes the Monday after Thanksgiving absolutely horrible. my gym was ridiculously packed, so i had to stand around people watching before i could get some sets in. here are some more things that the newbies do.

grunting is stupid - do these guys think that it actually impresses the girls? but the real reason not to grunt is it leaves an opening for you to get schooled. anybody can work in and do the same weight and make you look like a grunting idiot.
squatting 400 lbs but only going down 1/2 way doesn't impress anybody - ok, so maybe it impresses people you tell on the street, but everybody at the gym knows that you are cheating yourself ... and don't really know what you are doing.
nobody cares how big you used to be or how much you used to lift - can't tell you how many times this conversation has taken place. stupid guy, "how much do you bench?" me, "around 375." stupid guy, "i used to do that much." me, "what do you lift now?" stupid guy, "less." me, "you're going the wrong way." ... then they leave me alone
dropping the weight doesn't make you look strong - the point is to control the weight, not let the weight control you. when you drop the weight it just makes you look like the weight owned you. the same applies to the people that bounce the bar off their chest during bench press.

but the thing i get a kick out of is when parents bring their young kids in that are new to lifting weights. its fun to watch them try and figure out : first) how to use a machine, second) what muscle that machine actually works. its hard for them because it takes a while for somebody to develop muscle awareness. and the funny part is when they realize their dad isn't that strong ... i'm usually the guy that does that :) the best is when i'm done with some exercise and go to get a drink of water, and then the kids come over to see how much i was lifting. some of the scenes are of a 100 lb boy trying to budge a 120 lb dumbbell. or some 100 lb girl hanging from the lat pull machine because there is 200 lbs on the stack. that always makes me bust out laughing