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DesktopWeb FormText   XBox 360 2nd wave?Sat, 03 Dec 2005 19:18:30 GMT # 

er, um ... it doesn't seem to have made it to Wisconsin. but like an idiot, i got up and hit 3 stores this morning.

Target - inital reaction : "check back in January". after bringing up the 2nd wave : "we heard about that too ... you might call and check next week".
WalMart - they just point to a torn sign that says they are out of stock. i've actually talked to 3 different people in the electronics department, and not to be an ass, but i seriously think they are all mentally disabled. they dismissed the 2nd wave as rumor.
BestBuy - they are standing firm with the mid December date, and that there will be an associated ad at the same time. they dodge any mention of a 2nd wave.

reading some of the XBox forums shows that a handful of people actually did get a hold of a 2nd wave box, but most people are coming up empty. don't know if any online resellers got any new stock (other than ebay)?