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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : detoxMon, 05 Dec 2005 16:00:00 GMT # 

just ran out of BSN NO-Explode and BSN CellMass for pre-workout and post-workout respectively. from reading bodybuilding forums, they seem to work for alot of people, but i can't say they were doing much for me. i'll be mostly off performance enhancing supplements for the rest of the year. mainly because the holidays are coming up and i won't be able to get as many regular workouts in. could also stand to lower the weight and raise the reps for a while. plus its about time for me to take another week off to get some good recovery in. so i'm just going to maintain where i'm at, take some time to heal, and prep to hit it hard next year.

when i get back to high intensity training, i'm currently thinking that i'll take blameMike's advice and give Endothil-CR a try. not too expensive and its only one pill a day. its an interesting product in that it was originally intended to stop muscle atrophy. but its got the added benefit of making you change up your workout because you are supposed to target a single muscle group each workout and just shred it. thats a good thing, because my body seems to have gotten used to alternating upper and lower body workouts. the tricky part will be to shred an individual muscle without injuring myself ... that'll be my problem.