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Bill asked if supplements are legit ... or if they just make your pee extra yellow so you can turn 2000 flushes water green? when it comes down to it, supplements are just food (not drugs). but getting big is not just about lifting heavy weights. you also have to eat and sleep ... alot. and they are just as important as lifting. if you don't sleep, your muscles can't heal. don't eat right, muscles can't heal. so if you like to eat and sleep ... then you should become a weightlifter :) supplements just help you get nutrients you aren't getting through other foods. if you can get everything you need from food, then you don't need supplements. e.g. the current Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, says he doesn't drink protein shakes ... but he eats tons of small meals throughout the day. most people don't have that much time to eat or prepare the food. i don't, so i take supplements. NOTE people react differently to supplements. some things will work for me, that won't for for you ... and some just don't work. so you have to experiment. here's a list of what works for me, in order of importance (another list is at :

multi vitamin - everybody should be taking a multi. if you workout alot, then you should take more.
calcium and joint care - i take these for preventative reasons.
protein - it is near impossible to eat enough protein (to grow). i drink 4 shakes a day (morning, afternoon, post workout, before bed). i also eat 3.5 meals a day, and snacks.
creatine - this really works. take it before and after workout. it seems to give me more energy during workouts and i seem to heal faster. and i don't feel as strong when i'm cycled off of it.
ZMA - this is a mix of minerals that you take at night that end up boosting testosterone. when i've taken this at night, i wake up feeling lean and strong.
andro - i'm pretty sure this is now illegal? but when it was legal, it would make me feel like an animal for about 2 hours. great before a workout.

i've also wasted my money on a number of products which did not work for me :

NO - supposed to give you a continuous pump, it just makes me feel edgy. some people swear by it. tried both NO2 and NO-Explode.
T-Bomb - was an expensive andro. they've come out with T-Bomb II which i haven't tried.
MetaBlast - don't think this is on the market anymore.
HMB - not sure what this was supposed to do?
CellMass - special blend of creatine. wasn't special for me, so i'll stick with basic creatine.

now look at both lists. the top list (that worked for me) is pretty much the basics. they are cheap and have been used by alot of people. the bottom list that (which didn't work for me) has been the newer more expensive stuff. so its cheaper to let other people experiment ... if it works, then it'll get mass produced and the price will come down.