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DesktopWeb FormText   why i want an XBox 360Tue, 06 Dec 2005 17:46:21 GMT # 

a bud emailed me and was ragging on me for whining about not being able to get a 360. and he ended the message pointing out that "You don't even play games". guilty ... but here are the reasons :

improved MCE experience - my current dev notebook is running the MCE OS, but i cant use it to play video (because the video card only has 32 megs) and i cant use it for TV (because there is no tuner card). my uneducated guess is that using the notebook through an XBox Extender might fix the video issue, and then i could try a USB tuner. anyway, i'm curious to just see if it would work. if it does, then i'll retire my dev notebook to be a full time MCE PC. regardless, i'll buy a new dev notebook before the year is out to get the full MCE experience ... because i've got a number of app ideas involving TV and video that i have not been able to write with my current hardware :(

testing extended MCE apps - the 360 basically forces all MCE apps to support being extended. so i need an extender for testing out apps on to make sure i handle the UI and security correctly. for about the next year, that limits us to Hosted HTML, but WPF will get support in the future. this is actually the primary reason i want a 360. Gamer Tags need another designation for 'Media'. yep, it's a sickness.

sniffing the wire - if i get some time and feel like some pain, i might look into how MS is remoting the Media Center shell to the 360. just curious.

er, um ... i'm certainly going to get some games too ... strictly for testing purposes. i did actually write my first game ever this year (/cameraFlow) ... so i need to check out the competition :)

MS ecompanystore - it'll give me something to spend MVP bucks on. assuming that some of the MS game titles for the 360 make it over there?

nephews - got 3 of them. can't have them beating their uncle whenever i visit ...