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finished it this morning, took me about 24 hours of gameplay (something like 11k people have a better time!). this was the first full game i've finished in 4 or 5 years. the length was just right (for me) and it was forgiving to beginners. the controls were pretty easy too, the only thing i didnt like about the controls was having to change the button mappings for elementals and only having 3 for quick selection. there were a handful of wow moments. 1) charging the horse through hundreds of trolls. 2) watching hundreds of dragons in the air. 3) random views of the landscape. 4) fighting with the soldiers to light the cannons to shoot the airships ... that was intense. 5) the larger enemies were impressive. did get lost a couple times or could not figure out what to do. usually i could figure it out from the wotnot or the map ... but not always. also had to go to the internet a couple times to figure out how to beat some bosses. one thing i really didnt like was upgrading characters. all it does is give you a textual description for some of the moves. i would prefer for it to show a cutscene of the move in action. it would be even better if it would take you to some training arena to specifically practice that technique. because of this i rarely used the elementals to their fullest. i'll probably play it a little more to see some of the moves i missed and find the 4th crystal eye. no way i'll get any of the ranking achievements. oh yeah ... when can we buy the nude kameo skin from the xbox live marketplace?