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DesktopWeb FormText   y2k5 reviewWed, 04 Jan 2006 18:13:04 GMT # 

time to evaluate my goals from last year ...

1) get back into shape (+). the first half of last year was wasted messing around with a home gym. have been hitting it hard for the last 6 months and am back in decent shape after laying off for a year. 2) learn spanish (-). spent alot of time at the start of the year teaching myself spanish. this was taking too much time away from tech, so i had to stop. at least i did figure out what it takes to learn a 2nd language. 3) write all new articles for a publisher (-). this was supposed to be an experiment (opposed to self publishing) to see if it helped my career. did get an article published on MSDN, but ended this experiment quickly. the main reason is that the process was too slow and i felt like it was holding me up. not to mention certain things i wanted to write about did not have a publication that would be a good fit.

so i didn't do so good meeting my goals. but its not that bad since i purposefully chose to discard 2 of them. and its not like i wasted that time. was on contract for the entire year. got switchted to a WS MVP. learned alot about game programming with Managed DirectX and won a trip to the PDC! also spent alot of time with Speech and Media Center development. do wish that i could have done more with Artificial Intelligence :(