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DesktopWeb FormText   looking back at articlesThu, 05 Jan 2006 03:58:05 GMT # 

wrote over 12 articles last year. planned concentration for last year was Media Center Edition with Speech being secondary. the unplanned concentation dealt with Managed DirectX. so what was popular? ends up that the big articles for last year were /aiCaptcha, /cfWorldWind, /cameraFlow, and /backRow. the coolest thing is that /cfWorldWind and /cameraFlow were both linked by pt over at MAKE

/aiCaptcha taught me alot about image processing and neural networks. it was also interesting to watch peoples reaction. some people really thought i was out of line and should have been kicked out of the MVP program. other people thought it was a great example of how CAPTCHA is ineffective. from that article i've probably received about 50 requests to get the code, sell the code, break a different CAPTCHA, or test somebody's CAPTCHA implementation. anyway, i've turned down all those requests.

/cfWorldWind was one of the first Managed Direct3D Mobile applications. it taught me alot about Managed DirectX and 3D development. it got some interest from defense companies and even NASA, although i haven't done anything professionally with it. since there are commercial devices that can now run the code i need to do a quick re-release to provide the data so that others can actually run it.

/cameraFlow was my entry to the 'code'n your way to PDC' contest ... and it was a winner! it taught me alot about game development and video processing. not many people have shown interest in the code or using similar control techniques in other applications.

/backRow was one of the first WPF applications. it was intended to be an example of how WPF could be used by developers, but instead it was mostly hated by the Apple community. i am just now starting to get decent feedback from this effort. maybe something else will come out of this ...

some of my past articles still get a little juice. /barCode gets frequent emails. also the DIY speech synthesis (/ttSpeech) and speech recognition (/noReco) articles. notice that those are all AI-related. more people are starting to ask about /cfWSE2 too, which leads me to believe that it might have been ahead of its time?