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DesktopWeb FormText   what i liked from the CES keynoteThu, 05 Jan 2006 16:17:41 GMT # 

first, the hardware that BillG started out with ... drool. second, it was good to see the smart table again. third, the MSN instant messaging agent. i want to be able to write my own agent ... does MSN support this today? i know about the Encarta agent, which is pretty slick. and we are going to get a NatualLanguageProcessing namespace with WinFX this year. looks like fun. this interests me because of the /msnBot i wrote about 4 years ago. all it did was hook up the Alice bot to MSN after initiating anonymous chat sessions. fourth, that 2 new Portable Media Centers were shown off ... now give us the freakin ability to write code to them. and integrate them with the x360 to watch movie and game trailers. actually, a portable xbox with mce functionality would make a nice competitor to the PSP. a portable xbox could be used to play scaled down versions of many of the live arcade games (Managed Direct3D Mobile anyone?). could get achievements while you're traveling ... i find that compelling. the x360 HD-DVD isnt so interesting to me. probably buy one, but i'll be too busy playing games to use it. mainly i like that it will offer an alternative to Blu-Ray.