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DesktopWeb FormText   Vista MCE dev storyFri, 06 Jan 2006 00:17:37 GMT # 

The Full Story on Developing for Media Center in Windows Vista

my favorite quote ... "Long term we hope folks will move to either WinFX or Media Center Add Ins because the experiences can be so much more immersive and rich, but we will maintain compatability for Hosted HTML since it is so ubiquitous". good, because i absolutely hate HTML on a TV and think all of the Online Spotlight apps need to switch to XBAP. AJAX isn't going to cut it for high def. was also wondering if they were going to bake in a local ASP.NET web server for use with Hosted HTML ... thats definitely out. now i just need to get a look at what Media Center Markup Language (MCML) looks like ...