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DesktopWeb FormText   blog anniversary 2Fri, 06 Jan 2006 19:51:47 GMT # 

been blogging for 2 years now. one of the original plans was to use the blog as a way to find work. that seems to be just now starting to pan out. of course i've shot myself in the foot multiple times with offensive posts! now i think the blog serves much different purposes. mainly, i find it useful for me. its useful as an archive alone. every once in a while i'm searching my own blog for stuff that i've linked or even to find out what i was thinking months ago. its also useful to clarify my thoughts. just the act of writing something up forces me to think about certain topics a little deeper. and its my soap box. its almost theraputic when i post a bitching session. at least it seems to get it off my chest. its also been useful to find other blogs that i want to subscribe to. if i find somebody that links one of my posts, then i subscribe to their blog, most of the time it ends up that we are interested in similar things. next, the blog is a great replacement for an email list to let people know when i've put a new article out. the email list was just too hard to maintain and it felt intrusive. its also been useful as a development project. it was designed to support receiving posts from multiple devices in multiple formats and to render to multiple devices and multiple formats. the last update it has gotten was to test Hosted HTML for Media Center Edition. finally, the blog has been useful as a workout diary. i've used it to look up when i last cycled a supplement or when i first noticed an injury. and it somewhat motivates me to keep working out ... because i expect somebody to call me a lazy fat ass if the brawn posts stop showing up.

but the blog still sucks. i need to rewrite it in ASP.NET 2, implement categories, trackbacks, maybe handle comments differently, host it on a better server, etc... it also isn't very good to get questions answered. if i ask a tech question, i generally get a better answer from a newsgroup, if i get an answer at all. and i still prefer writing tech articles to tech blogs. articles let me present more information and spend more time on putting it together.