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DesktopWeb FormText   Major Nelson calls /mceDivX360 hackyTue, 17 Jan 2006 00:19:24 GMT # 

yes ... that hurt my feelings :) if you want to call it a hack ... talk to the MCE guys ... or add support to XBox 360. because here were the dev options.

- Hosted HTML : this gives a UI to work with, but isn't a powerful dev model. it would also require me to develop some ActiveX to kick off the encoder and/or possibly require a web server on MCE. so this would be a big pain, and its not the future of MCE.
- MCE AddIns (one time, long running, ListMaker) : one time and long running only support dialogs for UI, so they were out. a ListMaker AddIn gave the most bang for the buck.

of course it has to convert it before streaming ... because there is no codec on the XBox 360.

and the Media Center requirement is your issue too. open up Media Connect to support ANY video format from non MCE computers ... and i'll take another look.

do you think everybody wants to mod their XBox with XBMC to watch XviD ... i don't. anyway Major ... i'm on your side. i love MCE and i love my X360 (e.g. /mceXInput). MS wants the living room? ... i can help. i just offered up a non-mod workaround with the best i've currently got. you know, this might even sell a handful more 360s (when available) to be used as Extenders? at least the Vista MCE SDK will make things alot better. and i've already got a jump on that from the FrontRow remake. and if i've got your attention, when do we get Managed Direct3D on the XBox for Arcade games ... because i've been teaching myself how to write games. don't tell me you guys totally ignored the last 5 years of .NET? p.s. nice CAPTCHA