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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : travelingThu, 26 Jan 2006 15:29:30 GMT # 

forgot the brawn post last week ... although i have been working out. the local gym has been ridiculously packed with new years resolutions people. hoping that those people start falling out soon.

while traveling, i've been working out at a 24 hour fitness close to Redmond. freakin $15 a day! and what sucks about seattle gyms is that they don't have enough parking. inside the gym, its not that crowded, but parking is a pain in the ass.

joints are still getting back into it from after the holiday break, as well as getting my energy level back up. still off supplements. been doing more bodyweight movements and abs than heavy weights. did manage to go up to 5 plates (each side) for some reps on hammer bench. too bad my local gym doesnt have hammer machines, because i used to be able to max it out at 6 :( good news is that my left leg is finally healing. hamstring feels great, and my quad no longer hurts on leg extensions. still bugs me a little with squat, which pretty much means that i must have hurt it doing squats in the first place. thats a rule of thumb, if you hurt yourself and don't know how, then the guilty exercise is usually the last one to still bother the injury. so this'll make my 2nd squat injury ever, with the 1st one being a torn hip flexor years ago. except i knew exactly when i hurt that ... people standing about 10 feet away even heard it pop... Ouch!